Monday, July 19, 2010

The Long Walk Out to Registration

One of the real bummers at the fair, just in recent years, has been dealing with registration, which means getting our camping wristbands and the vehicle sticker that allows us to park.
It used to take about half an hour waiting in line. The past three years have averaged about two hours. And that's waiting in the hot sun, in a crowd of cross, irritated people, some of whom are trying to cut in front of others!
This year we decided to be there at 7am when they opened. It was supposed to be a very hot day and we were used to getting up early anyway. We actually arrived at 6:45am and there were 17 people ahead of us. Unfortunately they didn't really open at 7, more like 7:30. It was just slightly better than last year.
Turns out our booth mates Karen, Bruce and Zoe showed up about 4:30pm and had NO ONE in line ahead of them. They waltzed up and had their wristbands in minutes. I guess that's what we'll try next year.

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