Monday, July 05, 2010

On The Road to the Oregon Country Fair

Well, so far so good. We're camped out in our lovely motel room here in Eugene. It was one of the nicest drives up I can remember. The weather was great: mists on the hills around Sonoma, beautiful sun all up the Sacramento Valley. It did get a bit hot going through Redding, but we were out of there by 10am or so.
On Hwy 505 we saw hot air balloons up ahead. Way cool! Even better, we ended up driving right under them! They were only about 100 feet above us. And there were vast fields of sunflowers and everything seemed lush and blooming from all the late rains.
Mount Shasta was gorgeous! All clad in white. Everybody was in a good mood, the music was just right and we got to Ashland in record time.
We had our traditional picnic in Lithia Park on the grass and ploshed around in the creek. The water was deeper than I'd seen it in July and very very cold! I stayed in until my feet were totally numb.
I have to admit that the road from Ashland up to Eugene was as long and boring as ususal. It just goes on and on and on forever. But actually only until 5pm when we pulled into the Campus Inn.
It was sunny and warm enough to walk around to find a dinner spot (Cafe Yumm) and visit the glorious U of O campus (my alma mater). Krista was upset that she didn't have her camera, there were so many fine Art Deco things to admire. We all agreed to return after the fair. So tomorrow, if all goes well, we'll be out at the fair by 10 or 11am, unloading the absurd mound of stuff we brought and getting all set up.
Good night!

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