Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Target Market :: Fairies and Elves

Our Target Audience, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

Way back when we first began making our living as crafts people, we sold beautiful ribbon rose jewelry. We still have boxes of the stuff in our shed, not to mention the ribbon, findings and such. It was lovely and elegant and all, but most of our customers were conservative middle aged women. I mean no offense to conservative middle aged women, but it was a huge relief once we started selling Krista's art work.
Suddenly we were attracting a diverse crowd, men and women, all ages. It was heaven. I'll never forget our very first show, the UC Davis Whole Earth Festival, which is always Mothers Day weekend. A handsome black man, around 30 or so, saw Krista's Mother Power image and exclaimed "That's BAD ASS!. I'm getting that for my mom!".
Naturally it feels great when were selling stuff and making money, but the interactions we have with groovy and appreciative folks are very very nurturing.

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