Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

Phoenix Rising sells cookies during the fair, but for breakfast they serve up scrambled eggs, pancakes and home fried potatoes. You load up your own plate and it's our old standby in the morning.
But Krista and her folks often walk out to the meadow where the tamale booth makes Eggs Benedict. There's very good coffee to be had at Dana's Cheesecake.
Even if you ate ten meals a day, I don't think you could sample every restaurant booth at the fair. And most of them are good. Some of them are incredible.
On Saturday I had a salad with grilled tempeh from the Sweet Leaf. That was my favorite meal this year. I was off on my own and I took my plate over to a table and ate with eight other folks, enjoying a spontaneous light hearted conversation with strangers.
Here are some of my faves: The Calzone booth, The Whole Enchilada, Get Fried Rice (we had an incredible bowl of soup there late Saturday night), The Quesedilla booth, Spanekopeta with Greek Salad, the tamale booth, the Peruvian food booth, Rising Moon Ravioli, and Che Ray's. There's also Nearly Normal's falafels, the Ring of Fire Thai and Indonesian food, Roll On Eggrolls, the pad thai booth, and Tempura just down the path. I'm sure this isn't even half of the food booths either.
It's always just a little sad for me at the end of the fair, realizing I'd missed out on one of my old favorites. You just can't do it all.

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