Monday, July 19, 2010

Pilot Project for Reuseable Plates

A few years back the fair began requiring all food booths to use stainless steel silverware, which is collected at the recycling kiosks and washed and returned to service. I can't even imagine how much plastic this has kept out of the landfill.
Rising Moon Ravioli has been a leader in this movement, providing real ceramic plates (with a one dollar deposit). They wash them right there. This cuts down on the massive number of single use paper plates tossed away or composted.
This year four more food booths joined the effort in a pilot project and cheap stainless steel plates were introduced. If all went well the entire fair might go this way.
This is the sort of thing I just LOVE about the fair. I was very excited to see the shiny silver plates and collection drums. I hope it works out.

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