Saturday, May 09, 2015

Gearing up for SE Asia 2015

Well, I'm off again in just a few weeks!  I've set up a 7-day EFT training at a place called the Sanctuary on Koh Phangan in Thailand.  My yoga teacher has been doing month long workshops there for the past few years and it sounds nice!

Of course, it's totally off-season and may be hotter than hell in SE Asia.  And just to make sure I get enough hellish heat, I've decided to head up to Hanoi for a few days before the workshop.  I've never been to Vietnam, and this 1000 year old city looks amazing - heat or no.

I'm looking forward to bumming around the Old Quarter, checking out Vietnam's famous coffee and just soaking up the exhaust fumes from 12,000 scooters a minute going by.  Oh yeah, and risking my life crossing every street.

Here's a picture just to get started of the magical Ha Long Bay (which I probably won't have time to visit....but might cram into my insanely short visit).

I may be crazy, but I'm almost excited at the prospect of cramming into my little coach seat on China Airlines for the 14 hour flight to Taipai and then the 5 hour flight to Bankok and then the 1 hour flight to Hanoi.  Counting all the layovers I'm looking at maybe 26 hours from when I leave home to my nice hotel in the Old Quarter!  Okay, I am crazy.  And it's going to be so worth it!

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