Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nola Cafe

Last night I came across the trippiest place - the entrance was virtually a hole in the wall!  Not really, but it was a very funky looking doorway to a very long cave like tunnel.  I'd read about it on TripAdvisor otherwise there's np way in hell I'd have seen it, let alone thought to enter.
I'd actually come during the day and took a few photos, but at night it was a whole different animal!

The long rough passage leads back to a warren of rooms going up 5 or 6 stories, some of them open air patios.  It looked very old French and somehow hipster Vietnamese (this was the only hipster-esque thing I've seen in Hanoi).  

Aside from a few young staff who seemed to speak no English, I was the only one felt so spooky!  What was this place?!  It had so many rooms...I think it could host about 100 patrons.  Where were they?

Anyway, I had an avocado mango lassi and soaked up the vibes.  I just wished Krista was there to experience it.
I was glad I'd found this place, even though I got hopelessly lost on the way back to my room.  I ended up taking a cyclo - a bicycle taxi, which was a real treat anyway.

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