Thursday, January 05, 2006

Been Hibernating...

Sorry it's been so long. I've been hibernating. Finally, yesterday, the sun came out and it was lovely. It's been raining for so long and so hard that I've hardly shown my face to the sky. Here in old Santa Rosa we were untouched by the flooding. Our new house was very cozy.
The photo above is from Christmas morning. Santa did a lot of shopping at the goodwill this year and was very successful at it. I splurged and got Krista a black resonator guitar so that she can start her own jug band. She's been hard at it learning rag time.
I was looking for gifts more in the $5 to $13 range--until she wrote another new song. This new song, New Moon, put me over the edge. I really think Krista could be recording some day, or even performing! The joke is that her playing and singing are so quiet it's hard to hear her--and you really can't play a resonator quietly! Anyhow, she's wanted the thing forever and has taken to it like a duck to water.
In other news, I may be heading back to Bali soon, to pick up our 150 sarongs and re-visit the old stomping grounds. I think I've found a courier flight with Jupiter Air to Hong Kong and our travel agent Kristina with AirBrokers came through with a Hong Kong to Denpasar source. I may be able to do the whole round trip for about $500. Knock on wood. That's only $130 more than having the sarongs shipped!
Ah, a week in Ubud. I've got it all pictured in my mind. Stay at the Gayatri again, meals at Tutmaks, a $5 massage every day. Hell, twice a day! Play chess with Made our driver. Hang out with the guys in the alley. Drive around with Nyoman, our other favorite driver. And bring back those damned sarongs we ordered back in May last year.
I'll keep you posted.

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