Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Going!!

I just did it! I bought my ticket to Bali!!

Turns out I'm not going as a courier after all. Being a courier would be a great way to get over to Asia, or just visit Hong Kong. But it was too much stress trying to make the connections for Bali. I think I would have saved maybe $200 and added many many hours of travel time and uncertainty. I guess I'm getting older or maybe wiser--I'm actively avoiding stress (um, not counting actually going on the trip). I also spent a little more on my ticket to knock out one whole airport transfer and 6 hours of travel time on the way back. The flights are 22 hours and 19 hours going and coming home. Ugh.

My flight will be about $650 more than just having our sarongs shipped here. I figure I'm going to earn that money somehow or other before I go. Maybe I'll call all my old massage clients and set up my table. Maybe I'll call a bunch of old Deva Luna accounts and get extra orders.
I've got some time anyway. I'm not leaving till the end of February. Nearly a year from our last flight.

One thing that's bothering me: we bought so much cool stuff last time and had it shipped via cargo, that we don't really need or want anything else. But I made friends with lots of shop keepers and some craftspeople. I also suspect that business is bad since that last bombing a few months ago. I'd like to support these folks.

So I'll put it out there to you, my dear reader: if you can think of anything you'd like from Bali, let me know and I'll try to procure it for you. I expect to have a whole duffel bag's worth of space to cram with sarongs, hammocks, buddha statues, musical instruments, carvings, chess sets, hand painted silk pillow cases, ikat clothing or blankets, etc.. If there's something you want get me some money and I'll bring it back if I can (sorry, no contraband) at cost. Not to pay for my trip but rather to support the good folk making and selling their excellant craftwork. I'm serious about this, you can write me at robbibaba@sbcglobal.net

Anyhow, I'm way excited. And a little scared! I'll be on my own this time. Yikes.

Oh well, back to defeating the Alito nomination and closing down the old storage locker.

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