Friday, March 17, 2006

One week on...

I've been back from Bali for one week now. It's been hard! Pissy cold weather and lots of bad political news.

In just eight days I got used to people smiling at me, being friendly, up for chatting. Here folks seem too scared to look up at a stranger or return a greeting. I'm not looking to win a beauty pageant or anything, but I don't think I look that scary or menacing.
People are scared. I don't like it.

I've been surprised twice this week by friends casually talking about leaving the US--'for a year or two'. Friends who I never thought would even consider such a thing.

What about you, dear reader? Thinking about a break? If so, leave a comment here (you can be annonymous) and let us know what country/countries might get your vote.

I've been thinking of Bali, no surprise. If it was just a year.

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Anonymous said...

Byron Bay, Australia