Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Well, I'm back..."

As Samwise Gamgee once put it.
Meredith and Steve picked me up at the airport, greeted me warmly and listened to my non- stop stream of consciousness travelogue all the way home, foregoing a dinner stop to get me back to Krista and the girls asap. But for them I would have spent an extra two hours waiting for the bus! What friends! They braved heavy traffic and pelting rain to fetch me home.

Today I'm struggling just a bit with jet lag. I forgot to take melatonin last night and was up for some hours in the middle of the night (afternoon Bali time). But I ushered Krista off to her studio and have been tidying up all morning. The house was nice and clean when I arrived, but I brought so much junk with me it's taking some sorting.
Krista was pleased with the 150 sarongs (she was afraid to look at them at first). I think they are truly wonderful. We've decided to sell them for $40. It seems like just the right price.

In my happiest fantasy they sell so well we decide to order a bunch more and get to go back to Bali again.

I got home from the airport at 9pm and the next morning at 9:30am we had to drive down to San Francisco to take India to another orthodontic surgery appointment. Jeez.
The appointment was mercifully brief and positive and we decided to drive over to Coit Tower just for kicks. Didn't see the parrots though.
Back home I felt like Santa Claus unpacking little presents for the gals. But what a mess.
I've been working on organizing my photos and video so I can bore all my friends to tears. Beware!
I've posted a few photos below. A somewhat random selection.
love and hugs,

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Molly said...

Yay Rob! Welcome home! How very very very cool. Looking forward to seeing more photos and your slide show.