Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting Ready for the Fair

Seems like every year, for the last five anyway, we get up to the Oregon Country Fair exhausted! It's so much work. Every year we think of ways to streamline it all and plan ahead, but then we add new stock and end up frantically making stuff to sell up to the night before.
Well, it is the night before. We're supposed to leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn and we're once again exhausted. And we're still not really ready. I mean, the van is 95% packed, but there's still laundry to fold, and clothes to pack. Ugh.
So, we've decided to show up a day late! Rested. And refreshed (as much as one can be after a 9 hour drive). We'll just take tomorrow 'off' and clean the house a bit, put a little more energy into our 'costumes' for the fair and just sit around panting.
If all goes well we'll be there by 3pm Wednesday. Instead of 5 pm Tuesday.
Yesterday we were busy silkscreening the girl's designs onto various t-shirts we got from the Salvation Army. Most of them came out pretty good. I can imagine them being popular. I hope so. We also did a huge sticker project for both girls. India has 14 and Eden 11. Some of them in color. We've been running our new color laser nonstop for days and days.
We also printed up about $400 worth of our new Yes Notes. They look fantastic. I'm hoping people buy them. They were an awful lot of work to make!
And Krista ordered a gazillion photo prints which I ended up bagging up this morning. They represent many of her favorite paintings that never made it into print form.
An absurd amount of stuff. A ridiculous amount of work.
I swore we'd have it all done yesterday and today we'd just kick back. Oh well.

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