Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jerry Update

The surgery went very well!
The infection was localized to the valve and hadn't spread into the heart (which apparently was the big fear).
Jerry is still knocked out, but we got to go in and see him. By we, I mean 11 of us! Jon and Joyce, Krista and I, two of his brothers, his step-dad and brother's wife, and Joyce's sisters Laurie and Phyllis and Rod.
More folks showed up during the wait, but had to leave. It was a long wait. Krista, Joyce and Jon got there at 6am and he was finally out of surgery around 12:45.
So, Jerry will have to stay on the ventilator for another two or three days while his lungs are drying out a bit. He'll still be in the ICU I guess. But it feels like a whole new game.
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rob & Krista,
Thank Goodness that Jerry's surgery went so well!! I have been saying prayers and sending good thoughts for all of you. Thank you for posting this on your blog-Laurie gave us the site. Please give Joyce a big hug for me and ask her to call me if she needs anything!!291-8312
Darlene (Mark's sister)