Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jerry Update

Grandpa and Zephyr
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Great news! Yesterday they took Jerry off the respirator and we actually got to talk with him! Joyce called us in the afternoon with the good news and we danced for joy. When we passed on the news to Jon he started yelling!
So we dropped everything and tore over to the hospital and India came for the first time.
Jerry looked great (relatively). I felt so happy I just beamed at him. He probably wondered why we all looked so happy when he feels like shit, but there you have it.
I was really glad India came. Eden and Zephyr are too young to come in the ICU, but somehow grandchildren seem to pack an extra emotional wallop.
We're hoping he'll get kicked out of the ICU tomorrow maybe. His surgeon told us he's recovering remarkably fast, though he may not be home for a week or two.
Yesterday we cleaned house and went grocery shopping. I made salsa with four or five different tomato varieties and some smoked chipotle peppers I got at the market. It feels like we are re-entering our lives again.

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