Sunday, October 28, 2007

The High Street Party

Last night we ventured out at dusk to the High Street block party, in search of some spooky fun.

One of our friends, Peg, had suggested folks come as a character from a popular song. Krista decided to be Black Magic Woman (from Santana). She had just painted this old violin case she had and filled it up with cool magical stuff--including three shrunken heads of her past boyfriends.
She had a full moon Scorpio potion, and special fortune cards she'd made. Even a wax voodoo doll of Cheney (with three strategically located pins--one in his heart: to open it; one in his throat: to make him speak only truth; and one in his third eye: to open him up to love energy?--Krista told everyone that she only uses her dark magic for good).
There was more stuff in there, but suffice it to say, it was way cool.

Eden was a witch. But she tore her hat off as soon as we arrived, so that she could run around with her friends.

India was a jellyfish. Several people told us that if there had been a costume contest, India would have won it hands down. I'm afraid it was a bit cumbersome and made it hard to dance, but she was into it.

I was a pirate. There were quite a few pirates there, thanks to Johnny Depp, I suppose. I hadn't been a pirate since I was ten years old and didn't know if I could carry off the persona. But I really enjoyed it.
I even wore one of Krista's earrings! I hadn't worn an earring for about 15 years. I thought the hole would have closed up.

The High Street party is pretty damn cool. The street is blocked off, and they had a stage with live music. One house has an outdoor bar which is all lit up psychedelic. Also, a fire pit.
It's a street potluck, too. So there are tables set up and the food comes in waves and is quickly devoured.
This year, some burning man folks drove over in a beautifully lit contraption--hard to describe really. There was a big covered wagon part in the back where about 10 people could sit. The thing had lots of faces and blacklights and fake fur. It was cool.
One house hosts an outdoor movie for the kids. This year it was Beetlejuice, which was a bit too scary for some of them. There was also a loft at one person's house, where the girls snuggled out of the cold. And it was cold, at least for Sonoma County. Brrrr. No wait, I mean: Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrr.

I forgot to bring my camera! These photos courtesy of Dave and Annelies.

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