Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Days

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I've been enjoying the heat, but I was glad when it started cooling off this evening.
My office has been very warm. No, it's been hot. My poor clients have had to sweat while they tap. Sort of like that Bikram yoga! I could start a whole new 'hot therapy' trend!
Actually, business has been picking up. I've got lots of new clients and it feels great. Especially since the EFT really works.
I mean, it would be so depressing, sitting in a (hot) room listening to people's terrible problems--if I couldn't help them. The thing I used to love about giving massage was the instant gratification. My clients were always very happy. They knew they'd been helped and were just glad.
It's much the same with my EFT practice. Only with grief and loss and anger and fear and cancer and divorce and so on. And without having to change all those sheets. Not so much laundry.
Last night Krista, Eden and I went to see The Taming of the Shrew--an outdoor performance at Ive's Park in Sebastopol. We went early and got pizza and the best seats (er, blanket spot) in the house (uh, park).
The play had been adapted to have a pirate theme. The set was a big pirate ship, in fact. And the acting was incredible.
I hadn't been to a real play, with real adult actors, for way too long. Not that I hate kids or anything. It's just nice when the actors actually remember their lines say them with appropriate feeling and don't sing off key.
Anyhow, it was great. Except for the horrible misogynistic message of the play. Jeezus. What was Shakespeare thinking anyway?
Yesterday we also hung four of Krista's originals in Milk & Honey, a super groovy store/gallery in Sebastopol. They look great and totally fit there. It's a very witchy goddessy womany kind of place.
I think we're actually going to hang a few more on Monday. If you're in town check 'em out.

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