Friday, December 05, 2008

Goddess Fair

Ugh. We're super busy tonight, about to leave for Sebastopol to set up for this weekend's Goddess Fair. It's been four years since we did it. Krista will have a very nice set up and has actually painted four or five new little paintings.
They ask for a $5 donation to come in, which I think is absurd. It's not that big an event. But you can always just walk in the back door!
We'd love to see y'all. Eden has a dance performance at 3:00 on Sunday with her Bollywood class.
It's hard work doing fairs. It takes a lot of set up. When we used to do ten or more a year (back in the old Honey Moon days) we'd get in the swing of it. I don't feel very swingy right now.
Anyway, off we go.....

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