Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Routine Maintenance

Our toaster stopped working a few days ago. It just sort of jammed up (no pun intended). You could hold the lever down and it would turn on, but you had to just stand there holding it and guess when the toast was ready. How inconvenient!
So this morning I had some time and decided to take it apart.
Turned out that no one had ever emptied out the crumb tray (okay, I admit I didn't realize there was a crumb tray). It's been three years since we set it down on the kitchen counter. How embarrassing!
So the toaster was totally full of bread crumbs. Like about a pound and a half! I should have taken a picture. It was also full of moth webbies. We never could figure out where those suckers were coming from. After dumping all that crap out, I took it apart and cleaned it up inside and out. Now we can toast again and our lovely toaster stayed out of the landfill.
There's a moral here somewhere. I'm sure of it.

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