Friday, December 26, 2008

Secular Caroling

Secular Caroling, originally uploaded by Robbi Baba.

My lovely girls drag me into such interesting things.
Eden and Aja decided they wanted to go caroling and somehow got Meredith to agree. Of course India wanted in. Somehow Thalia and I got roped into it and her son Tyjal drug along.
We never practiced and were pretty bad. At one house we sang White Christmas--that was our most horrible attempt and we didn't try it again!
Our best was a paganized version of Silent Night.
Our song list was sans Jesus and leaned heavily on Irving Berlin. I quickly realized that if I didn't start the song, I was hopelessly lost! The girls would sing way to high for me to join in.
As bad as we were, people were delighted to be caroled. And we scored some fresh baked cookies at one house. At another we hit a party of enthusiastic 20 somethings. They passed plates of treats out to us.

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