Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update! Temperature is Rising!!

UPDATE: As of Monday night, I'm at $750 exactly, and poised to hit $800 tomorrow morning. Don't know if anyone else will book, but that's pretty much my whole Bangkok round trip airfare!!
I've really been enjoying these massages and I hope my gratitude and enthusiasm come through. It's also new and wonderful to feel that I'm working toward something so specific.
Yikes! I'm leaving in two days.

Okay, thanks to many kind and well rubbed clients, I'm up to $580. That's more than halfway there! In fact I'm only $385 short, which means they'll be dumping me out somewhere between the coast of Vietnam and Taiwan.
I hope I'll have enough time to grab my seat cushion.
Or maybe a few more folks will sign up for a massage and I can make it back down to earth.

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