Thursday, January 28, 2010

Call Me Comrade

Well, I've joined the Green Smoothie Revolution. Pictured here is my first attempt on my own. Usually I just snag a glass full of whatever Krista comes up with (um....actually that might be the best idea....)
Anyhow, what you are seeing here is a blender full of kale, with some other greens tossed in, some stevia, a banana, a little maca powder and I don't remember what all else is in there.
It was a true "Shrek slurry", green and awful looking, but actually went down pretty good. The idea is to get your greens (well, a LOT of greens really) in a highly digestible format. Believe it or not there are a lot of folks doing this and reaping amazing health benefits.
To be honest, my revolutionary fervor isn't what it could be. I really don't mind drinking this stuff, but it's a chore to make it. No worries, I'll just lurk around the kitchen when Krista is making hers!

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