Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday and Sugar

This year for Christmas the girls got rats. We'd got hold of a nice rat cage and had it outside on the back deck. Since we were all up way before dawn (not my idea) it wasn't until the very last present was being opened that India spied the cage through the glass door.
She and Eden were ecstatic and squealed and danced about. In the cage we'd placed photos of cute rats peering out. We rightly figured the girls would prefer to choose their own critters.
So the very next morning we drove off in search of young female rats. It took us three stores to track them down and there were only two to choose from! Must have been on everyone's list?
The rats we found were rather unusual. Both of them had curly whiskers and very soft fur. Friday's fur is a most unusual blue gray color. We've never seen that in a rat before. I think we really lucked out, as both of them are very good natured and sweet. The big surprise for me was how much I've enjoyed having them around. The girls are being very good about caring for them. I haven't had to change the cage once. Just feed them extra good treats (I feel like a proper grandparent).

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