Friday, May 29, 2015

At the Sanctuary

I've travelled enough now to realize that this "OMG What the FUCK have I got myself into" feeling is most likely just a phase that will pass.  And it mostly has.  

It's really hot and very muggy.  With lots of bugs.  The mosquitoes are mostly just morning and dusk, but bad enough to require caution.  Ants in the bed don't bother me too much since they aren't fire ants.  I love the jungle sounds of the bugs screaming from the trees.  They almost helped drown out the all night Friday rave that went from 11pm to 11am this morning.  Here's a photo I took around 9am.  There were about 40 people dancing or hanging around.  It was VERY loud!

My workshop space is very nice - though a bit of a trek up the hillside to get to it.  Bad news if it was raining!  I've met all but 2 of my workshop folks and all but two are very excited and happy to be here.  The woman from Inida is especially positive.  I don't think she thinks it's hot here!
Here's a photo of Zen Hall.  It's screened on 3 sides.  

The other two are struggling a bit - the kid from Canada is just having trouble with the heat mainly.  The other gal has a basket of 'sensitivites' that have made her quite miserable, and then last night she encountered two cockroaches in her bathroom - she has a full on cockroach phobia!  Or had, until I spent an hour or so tapping with her.  

I know that she'll be a lot happier after going through the 7 day workshop.  But she was all set to leave last night until I made it clear there would be no refund.

The food is very good here.  And it's very pretty.  And exoctic.  I'm hearing wild bird calls I don't recognize at all and last night I finally swam in the bay.  It was gorgeous and serene.  If I can get a massage in today I might just be through the OMG phase entirely.  Oh, and there are just swarms of butterflies - I even saw a few on ferry ride over - way out over the water!

Here's a picture from our breakfast table.  At 10am the sun was already too fierce for me to swim.  I look forward to actually teaching - I know everything will just get better and better once we're underway!

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