Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Aftermath - Day 8

Yesterday was the last day of the workshop.  It was supposed to be a practice day, but I still had some sections to cover and we ended up doing some very interesting tag team tapping - one client then we'd rotate in and take over where the last one left off.  Pretty cool.

It's been really intense being together for 8 days - not just for the workshop but also breakfasts and lunches all together and most of us sitting together for dinner too!  Today we all tried to sleep in a bit, but I think only one of us managed it.  I was down on the beach by 6:30am trying to beat the sun (without much success).  

I did 3 sessions today for students!  I wasn't expecting that at all, but there was some unfinished business for some of them and they wanted my help.  One of the students had a big place with a living room and aircon and she graciously let us use her place. By the third one though I was flagging and we kind of gave up.

It's dusk right now, the sun is just going down over the mountain and all the color leaching out of the scenery - it's a bad time for mosquitoes!  And it's still hot as hell.  Must be about 90 degrees with super high humidity.  Ugh.  My clothes are kind of stuck to me and my legs have several intense bites.  

I could be out swimming but I'm super hungry!  I spurged and ordered a whole pizza with roasted aubergines for myself.  Takes a bit longer but really really good!  I'm going to stuff myself, sink into a coma and go swimming in the dark.

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