Sunday, November 06, 2005

We've Arrived

Last night was our first night here in our new home. I think we’ll be very happy here! Oh my god, it was so quiet (after sleeping in a garage)! Eden slept in her own bed, in her own room!! Which is just down the short hall from us. This in and of itself means a whole new world for Krista and I--I’m talking about better sleep here--no more sardines. And India is upstairs in her own room. We gave her the beautiful master bedroom so we could be near Eden. It’s a really lovely room.

Danny came over yesterday morning and helped us move the heaviest furniture, while Zoe and Eden played. Then Meredith and Steve came by and pitched right in. I was already very sore and tired when I woke up yesterday. No way we could have done it without our dear friends. Meredith helped India start getting her room set up and Steve helped get our furniture in place. Our friends are beyond all praise.

When Jerry got home from work we were back over there collecting some essentials, like food and toiletries and a cat box. Jerry grabbed some champagne and Joyce grabbed some champagne glasses and I grabbed Chili the cat and we come over to celebrate. We left poor Scout till today (she has a history of peeing on our bed the first night in a new place) and we don’t have a cat door set up yet.

After the Brown’s went home to their suddenly empty nest, we put on some music and danced!! Tired as we were, we were overcome with good feelings--finally having our own place. I wish this for everyone in the world: to have a nice home, to be safe and warm and happy in. For this I give thanks.

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