Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random Photos

Krista recently painted "Moon Magic" in response to a poem written by her friend and collaborator Amy Trussell.
The painting is based on an old sticker design and the updated sarong design she created last year in Bali. But this painting also includes elements from Amy's poem, relating to Hurricane Katrina.
We had just hung it up to take some photos and Krista was realizing that it wasn't quite finished.
It's a beautiful work and I think it may take center stage in our booth at OCF this year.

Self portrait by Eden.

Our last day bowling.
Eden finally came to bowling with India and I. She'd long sworn that she'd never ever go. I don't know why she was so opposed.
But this day Krista was working and she had to come. I didn't expect her to bowl at all, just sit and draw while we carried on. But she insisted and ended up bowling all three games! She actually did quite well.
Ironically, we found out that day that the bowling alley had been sold and was being closed at the end of March. Yesterday was the last homeschooler's day and we missed it. So this was Eden's first and our last time bowling there.

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