Saturday, January 30, 2010

One a Day

A few days ago I decided to start posting an entry here every day for the next month.
It's all about quantity from here on out!

Today was full on sunny, after weeks of rain and gloomy skies. The girls begged me to take them hiking! So we drove down to Crane Creek Park and did the big loop, watching huge clouds roaming the sky. The creeks were all full and rushing noisily along. The air was scented with Bay Laurel, just coming into flower. The moss on the huge old oaks was lush and nearly fluorescent. What a beautiful day to be out.

Back home we finally took down the Christmas tree. Eden was very unhappy. I think she wanted to keep it up until Easter, but I was getting nervous about the fire hazard! It was very dry indeed. Karen and Bruce dropped by so that Zoe could spend the night with Eden and Bruce tuned up our old mandolin and began playing the sweetest songs on it! What an awesome treat. He also played Krista's resonator guitar while we tranced out. I like having musicians around!

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