Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rainy Saturday Afternoon

The days pass so quickly by now. The illusion of time is supreme, and the sensation of being immersed in this 3D world so realistic. The children grow and mature and change in ways I can't even comprehend. My hair is turning gray in places and the laugh lines around my eyes grow ever deeper. There seems to be a future, always approaching, but growing more and more fluid, as I spend more and more of my awareness engaged with this present moment. It's like there's a current of beauty rushing past, and some days I can dip my hand down into it.

I'm reminded of that old Zen story, about the fellow who was running from a hungry tiger, only to fall over a sheer cliff. He managed to grab onto a vine and arrest his fall about half way down. As he looked below he saw a second tiger, pacing back and forth, waiting for him. Far above the first tiger was peering over the edge. Closer above him, just out of reach, two mice were nibbling through the vine that supported him. One was white and other black. Then he noticed that a berry was growing on the vine. How sweet it tasted!

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