Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday I was in and out a lot. I had clients and then a group at my office. Everytime I'd come home the girls would be in new costumes, with new face paint.
Eden has two best friends, Aja and Zoe (a to z!) and they are both stunningly beautiful, in very different ways.
With their theatrical face paint, these pretty little 11 and 12 year old girls suddenly looked much older. Not Eden so much. I found it a little bit terrifying. Just a bit.

Tonight India and I went over to visit Meredith and Steve, for a knitting lesson. India wants to knit hats and tonight was her very beginning. I have a feeling we'll be hip deep in hats by Thanksgiving time. India is prolific, but so far has knitted only scarves.

This afternoon I decided to write a book. It will most likely be a very short book, but I'm determined to write it. I was given a very good idea and I want to do something with it. More on this later.
photo by Aja

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